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[Contest] …And here are the winners of the first week!

First place: a_k_a with 3 questions asked.

Second place (tied): jack with one question asked and BlueCoffee with one question answered.

Congratulations to all the winners, please go to, log into your account and then use the Contact Me form located at the bottom right of the page and send me a message with your email address. I will email you the product code as soon as I get the contact messages. If you prefer me to send you the product code via contact messages (so that I will not know your email address), feel free to mention that in the contact messages as well!

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and I encourage everyone to keep asking/answering, the next batch of product codes will be awarded to the winners in just a week time!

[Contest] WinXDVD Products DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

Recently I do feel guilty to those readers of Geek In Finance as I am unable to update the blog as frequently as I would like to due to my work and exam commitment. However, be rest assured that your effort in browsing through Geek In Finance is definitely worthwhile because starting from today, I will be giving out FIVE free product codes each week of any one of the two of the state-of-art software, WinX Blueray DVD iPad Ripper and WinX iPhone Ringtone Maker (each valued at 29.95), courtesy to Digiarty Software, Inc.

Here is how you can win a FREE copy:

1. Head over to the Geek In Finance Q&A Site (

2. Sign up and start ask and answer questions!

3. At the end of each week (from 12:01 EST every Sunday to 11:59 EST following Saturday), the top five active members (members with highest sum of questions and accepted answers) of the Geek In Finance OSQA site will each receive a FREE activation code for one of WinX Blueray DVD iPad Ripper and WinX iPhone Ringtone Maker (subject to availability). The winners will be announced the following Monday.


1. Q: Is Geek In Finance safe? Will the Q&A site steal my credit card/name/birthday/pet?

A: The Q&A site of Geek In Finance ( uses OpenID technology for authentication, which means it will never ever see the password of the OpenID supported platform you are authenticating from (e.g., Google, Twitter, etc), the platform will send a software token back to Q&A site informing if the authentication was successful. Therefore, there is no way Geek In Finance could ever steal anything from you.

2. Q: What kind of question I am allowed to ask?

A: As Geek In Finance Q&A site is explicitly related to finance, all questions have to be finance related. Other than that, please avoid asking any offensive question and/or questions that may be against the law. I will moderate the questions and if a question is considered as inappropriate, I reserve the rights to remove them and they will not be considered as a valid entry for the contest.

3. Q: Am I allowed to answer my own question?

A: Yes you are allowed to, however only ONE (1) question per contest period is allowed to be answered by yourself, anything more than that will not be counted.

4. Q: How will the winners be decided?

A: Each week (from 12:01 EST every Sunday to 11:59 following Saturday), I will tally up the top five members who has the highest number of questions and/or accepted answers, the winner will be posted on Geek In Finance the following Monday.

5. Q: How could the winners claim the prize?

A: After the winners have been announced, winners may log into their Geek In Finance OSQA site and use the contact me function to send me their email address to claim the prize.

6. Q:  Do I get to choose which product I get?

A: Yes, you can choose any of the two software listed above, subject to availability.

7. Q: How long will the contest be running?

A: Digiarty Software, Inc. was kind enough to give us 40 product codes, hence the contest will be lasting 8 weeks, until all products codes have been given out.

8. Q: I am still not convinced this is real! Your liar!

A: If you are not, why not head to our Q&A site and start to ask and answer questions? You will lose nothing but you will either learn something from others or share with your knowledge and perhaps both at the same time!

So why wait, head to Geek In Finance Q&A Site ( and start to ask and answer questions NOW!

For more information about the software that was offered, please go to the following website:

Note that I reserve the final rights in deciding the winner.

2011/02/23 – Annoucing the Geek In Finance Q&A site

If you are reading my blog right now, it goes without saying that you are interested in finance.

If so, why not ask and answer some finance-related questions and help each other out?

That is the thought I have when I created Geek In Finance Q&A site, if you agree with me on this, feel free to head over and ask and answer some questions NOW!

Feel free to bookmark this site from now on: